Here are the few questions related to mobile apps. You can contact us for more queries. Whether it may be regarding cross platform mobile app development or Android and iOS platforms or any other questions related to Mobile apps feel free to ask us. We are always happy to answer your questions.

Customer Connect is a ready to use Platform which is mainly used for Marketing / Promotions and also with Shopping Cart Option.

Sharing the Promotions and Products via social media, the system tracks the consumer’s behaviour and enables you to market your business more efficiently.

No, can also be in Ordering / Shopping cart and E-Commerce / M-Commerce.

As it is a ready to use platform it enables to build the app in a very quick time frame(8 to 10 Hours) and once the demos are approved it takes around 10 business days to be uploaded on the iTunes store and on the Android platform it takes 48 hours to go live.

Websites have its place for greater visibility. But with the mobile penetration increasing in India at a rapid pace, it makes a compelling case for companies to connect with customers seamlessly to provide a great customer experience and improve engagement- hence the need for a mobile app. Also related to the marketing initiatives it makes sense for companies to use mobile apps to promote their product with a higher ROI.

It is customized and varies based on the needs of the customer. One thing’s for sure, using our mobile platform will significantly reduce costs for building the mobile app with speedier turnaround times with less effort.

Both have their advantages. A mobile website could be used to improve the overall customer outreach and a mobile app to engage with the audience seamlessly with real time feedback providing great customer experience and enabling to view content offline as well.

Yes we do cross platform mobile app development. Our team has the capabilities to develop apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

The mobile platform comes with very easy to use Web Admin Console with a dashboard to manage content easily. At a click of a button Business Owners can showcase Product Gallery distributed across Categories and Sub Categories. Edits made to the app using the dashboard like push messaging and other features enable to communicate with users at real time.

There is a support representative for each account who handles all the queries related to the customers. If the issue is highly technical then the issue is delegated to the developers who handle the issue.

We start with understanding the corporate objectives and business drivers, understand the competition, and create mobile frameworks to create value for both the users and the business. This involves defining value goals, understanding the functional patterns and working towards design and implementation of the project to create a successful mobile app.

There is no need for any technical knowledge. We handle all the technical issues while you can focus on the core business issues.

If your desired app is to be built for a particular platform or device then you can choose native mobile app. Some of the examples of native mobile apps are : Music app that is inbuilt function in your phone, GPS , Camera.

We use android, iOS platforms to build the apps. You can choose the platform which fulfills your app requirement.

We are spending more time on gadgets. First place where people search for any product or service is online. Mobile app leads to increase your business irrespective of industry. If you have an app that users can download and make use of it, your business make really good impression and thus your business also grows.

Tours &Travels: Share Air ticket offers, Tour Packages and the photos of the location.
Jewellery: Display your Gold, Diamond and Silver Products and share day to day gold price to customers.
Builders: Showcase your completed, Ongoing and Upcoming projects along with photos of the projects.
Retail: Showcase your wide range of product using the product catalogue; update your customer when you launch a new product.
Spa and Saloon: Showcase your wide range of services and customers can book the appointments.
Event Management: Showcase your ongoing and upcoming events and customers can book the Stalls / Seats.

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