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Mangalore jewels were founded by Mr. Nagaraj Achar in the year 1995. Mangalore Jewels is progressing well year by year by increasing the clients day by day. Mr.Vikram Achar, son of Mr. Nagaraj Achar knows very well how to fulfil the requirements of the peoples who have different tastes in choosing the jewels. Mangalore Jewels have different types of plans with options like Winning through Lucky Dips and Additional Bonus etc. in order to reach more customers.
Mangalore Jewels is recently awarded by Just Dial Group with highest Star Rating for being the Best Service Provider.

Problem Statement

Mangalore Jewels were failing to stand out from competitors. Enough of stock was not changing as expected. There were a poor displays and presentations about business. Mangalore Jewels were facing problems to reach to enough of customers regarding the offers and new stock. There was no estimation about the products price.


Customer connect solved the problem of Mangalore Jewels by developing a mobile app for jewellery. Mangalore Jewels started to stand out from their customers by owing a mobile app on android and iOS platforms as not many people have a Mobile App in the jewellery business. The App helped them with continuing to stock last year’s best sellers and change the products whenever required. Using the product catalogue, Mangalore Jewels were able to display the products in a more attractive way. The app also helped the Mangalore Jewels to increase their popularity through social media platforms which were built in the app.

App Downloads

  • The client can request the walk-in customers to download the App by putting up an advertisement in the store or assign a person to interact with the customers and download the App on their smartphones by connecting the phone to store WiFi
  • With the Mobile App for their store will stand out from their competitors as not many people have a Mobile App in the jewellery business.

Product Catalogue

  • The client can showcase their Gold, Diamond and Silver products using the product catalogue.
  • Whenever the client updates a product price or launch a new design, they can chose to notify their customers through Push Notification and Email.
  • The App will help them with continuing to stock last years best sellers and change the products whenever required.
  • The client can keep constant contact with their cutomers and keep them updated with prices and new designs.
  • The App will also enable the client to display the products in a more attractive way


  • The client can share day to day gold price, festive offers and discounts as push notifications through our promotion feature.
  • With the information of the Birthdates of customers captured through the registration page, the client can share a specific promotion to motivate their customers.


  • Our App comes with the Social Media Integration which enables the customers to share the promotions sent by the client or a new design which is launched or current gold price information through Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other Social Media Applications to their friends and family.
  • The shared information will be delivered along with the download links of their App. This would help the client in increasing the number of downloads.

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