A glance at the mobile landscape shows that number of mobile users is growing rapidly and topping 1800 million users globally and the mobile app market is predicted to be a 77 billion$ industry by 2017. This gives great opportunity for companies to leverage this platform for innovative ways of engaging with their users. The synergy of this platform along with social, cloud and analytics provides new set of capabilities for the businesses to interact with the users and is a win-win for both business and end users.
The apps we create are customer driven, with high quality and delivered with a quick turnaround time. We use agile development methods to execute with speed and efficiency. We use storyboards, journey maps and other tools to understand the customer needs to create apps that best fit the needs of the users with the latest features.
User Experience
We start with the release of a slim app with basic functionality and work towards enhanced app with added features and functionality as we move along. We incorporate new approaches to simplify testing processes and make continuous experience management a basic tenet while developing the mobile apps. We try to ensure cost efficiency by cutting down on the overhead expenses and execute with speed.
App Management
Although development and delivery is important, quality and customer engagement is a top priority for us while building the app. When planning the mobile project we look at how the app can transcend the actual mobile device as the end users interact with other devices such as web, kiosks and POS.


iOS App Development
Using our innovative E2E solution for iOS apps we build user friendly and easy-to-use mobile apps with superior quality. We build both native and cross platform mobile apps. Our Mobile app development team ensures your users have a great experience using our apps.

Android App Development
Be it Jewellery, Retail, restaurants, Hospital, Manufacturing etc.. we design and develop android apps for varied domains using our innovative E2E solution. The platform comes with very easy to use Web Admin Console and Client facing Mobile Applications for Smart Phones and Tablets

Other Products

Condo provides a cost-effective solution to let other owners and tenants know about that sofa you are selling, or the tax preparation and childcare services you offer. If another owner or tenant sees your post in the app, they can contact you through the app, and you all can make arrangements to meet up and complete the financial transaction however you wish.

Service Request
Service Request provides installations,repairs,maintenance,directly to customers through its mobile application.Through this app customer can opt their service type,date and time for service while booking an appointment.Requested appointment will be intimated to admin and admin will assign employee to provide service based on service type.Employee will serve the service and update the request details, so that admin as well as customer will come know about the service request status.Customer can see status of the appointment(service request) in client application.
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