Mobile app for builders

  • One of the biggest benefactors of increasing mobile penetration has been the Retail industry.
  • It provides a great opportunity for the Realty players like you to display your properties to the customers – on mobile and with the recent advancements in the VR technology – you could provide your customers a great viewing experience of your properties.
  • A mobile app also helps the real estate agents to access properties and manage the lead information and also for easy collaboration of the property owners with banks, tenants and buyers.
  • Our mobile app helps to address the needs of all the stakeholders involved to streamline the business operations and improve efficiency.

Need of mobile app for builders and real estate agents

Mobile app for builders can help in a number of ways. Construction Company Owners or management can track the progress at different Sites with live pictures of construction. Owners get real time updates of Consumption of materials and miscellaneous items.

• Track the Progress of Construction at different sites effectively
• Room for Manipulation of Consumption at the sites
• Executive summary across sites in form of reports
• User Friendly interface to Track the Progress of Construction with Live Pictures
• Ability to define Inventory of construction materials, sites, and associate materials with sites


Registration & Contacts Management

The product makes it easy for the owners to keep track of the customer details with our Registration & Contacts Management System. On downloading the app, the customer can fill in the details to create a new contact.

Product Catalogue

Showcase your properties to customers with our customizable Product Catalogue feature enabling the customers to see the products inside the app. As and when the properties are updated the catalogue gets refreshed on the fly, so customers can see the new property listing in the app.


Drive Sales and Customer Engagement – Send push notifications to your customers to alert them about new promotions, offers and events anytime, anywhere at a click of a button.

Social Media Integration

Enable customers to easily share information regarding offers, events and other details with others through different social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram , which comes integrated with the product.



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