Mobile app for tours and travels

Are you struggling to engage with your customers? Are your marketing efforts not yielding results? Facing severe competition from the big players? Wondering how to cut through the noise? We can help you improve your marketing efforts and better engage with your prospects or customers. We create custom mobile apps for your business using our platform ‘Customer Connect’ in real quick time.

Using Customer Connect get your travel app designed to provide numerous benefits like Option to send push notifications about new promotions to consumers, Get consumer behavior and details tracked and showcase your products with the improved product catalog.

We offer Social Media, Analytics, and Cloud Solutions (SMAC) to provide integrated end to end solutions to create awesome customer experiences.

  • With the Mobile App for Tours and Travels, you can increase your business and customer engagement as most of the people rely on mobile apps as they provides ease of use with more informative display.
  • With more people going mobile apps to search for hotels for their vacations or business reasons and more business transactions happening online, it presents with great marketing opportunities for the hoteliers like you to provide a great omni-channel experience for your customers.
  • We offer fully customizable mobile app for tours and travels, so that your customers have a truly great experience – before, during and after their stay in your hotels.
  • Mobile apps also provides a great way to streamline your operations and for your staff to keep in touch with your customers on the go.

Need of mobile app for tours and travels

With the increased use of mobile apps by customers for their travel, it makes sense for companies to connect and engage with the customers throughout their journey using a mobile app. We provide innovative mobile apps for travel operators to assist customers through their journey right from booking the ticket to departure to reaching the destination and more.

Using the customer connect platform comes with a number of benefits for your business. You can send push notifications for customers to alert them about new promotions and offers, share the air ticket offers and update of visa procedure.

Our apps also help you generate additional revenue on ancillaries and up-sells with great customer engagement.


Registration & Contacts Management

The product makes it easy for the owners to keep track of the customer details with our Registration & Contacts Management System. On downloading the app, the customer can fill in the details to create a new contact.

Product Catalogue

Showcase your products to customers with our customizable Product Catalogue feature enabling the customers to see the products inside the app. As and when the products are updated the catalogue gets refreshed on the fly, so customers can see the new product listing in the app.


Drive Sales and Customer Engagement – Send push notifications to your customers to alert them about new promotions, offers and events anytime, anywhere at a click of a button.

Social Media Integration

Enable customers to easily share information regarding offers, events and other details with others through different social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, which comes integrated with the product.


mobile app for tours and travels

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