Problem Statement

Spa & salon were failing to stand out of the crowd due to the lack of brand awareness. The company was lagging with poor displays and presentations compared to competitors. The company was also facing problem to reach the expected number of customers.


Customer connect resolved the Spa & salon problem by developing a Mobile App to their business. According to business challenges, to reach out to the customers Spa and salon needed a Mobile App for scheduling appoinment. With the mobile app Spa & salon were able to stand out to give tough competition in the market as many retailer stores don’t have the mobile app to their business. The App comes with Scheduler which is used to display the timing. Using Scheduler the problem of poor displays and presentations were solved.



  • The client can share day to day updates, festive offers and discounts as push notifications through our promotion feature.
  • With the information of the Birthdates of customers captured through the registration page, the client can share a specific promotion to motivate their customers.

Product Catalogue

  • The client can showcase their slots.
  • Whenever the client updates a slots, they can chose to notify their customers through Push Notification.
  • The client can keep constant contact with their cutomers and keep them updated.
  • The App will also enable the client to display the slots in a more attractive way.

Web Admin console