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Mr. N. Amarnath, founded Classic Tours & Travels in 1983. Over a period of time serving in the Travel Industry, Classic Tours & Travels become a brand in Bangalore. Thus now it is registered as Bangalore Classic Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd.Classic Tours & Travels is a well-developed tourism oriented company, which gives the best tour operations in India. Bangalore classic tour packages are designed wisely which makes each journey an unforgettable one.

Problem Statement

Classic Tours & Travels were facing problem in their marketing budget as it was increasing day by day . The company needed to seek out right printers at the proper value to induce the brochures written and distribute the brochures all around. They also want to send updates of new travel packages. So, Classic Tours & Travels decided to possess their own mobile app for tours and travels which can solve the preceding issues.


Customer connect developed a Travel Agent app on Android and iOS platform to Classic tours and travels, which is a result oriented and user friendly. According to business challenges, the app includes contact management, which decreases marketing budget by increasing the number of clients . This Travel App is well designed and contains Product Catalogue.Product Catalogue can be used to showcase their tour Packages, plan of travel and the photos of the location. Using the app , customers can share air ticket offers, updates of the visa procedure, travel information and reminders as push notifications through the promotion feature.

Registration and Contacts Management

  • On downloading our client application, customer’s are prompted to fill in Email ID, Phone Number and Birth date which in turn generates new Contacts.
  • The client can also request the walk-in customers to download the App, which will further build the Contacts list.

Product Catalogue

  • The client can showcase their Tour Packages, Itineraries and the photos of the location using the product catalogue.
  • Whenever the client updates Tour Packages or launch a new Package, they can chose to notify their customers through Push Notification and Email.
  • This will help them reduce the marketing expenditure and their difficulties of printing the Brochures.
  • The client can also benefit with the instant notification to the customers.


  • The client can share Air ticket offers, Updates in the Visa procedure, Travel information and Reminders as push notifications through our promotion feature.
  • With the information of the Birthdates of customers captured through the registration page, the client can share a specific promotion to motivate their customers.


  • Our App comes with the Social Media Integration which enables the customers to share the promotions sent by the client or a tour package information through Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other Social Media Applications to their friends and family.
  • The shared information will be delivered along with the download links of their App.
  • This would help the client in increasing the number of downloads.

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